One of the Best Ways To Reach Your Ideal Customers

You're posting to social media every day, maybe even multiple times a day, following 50 people a day (or whatever random number the latest "guru" has said), writing content weekly and promoting, but after all that you're left with crickets. Does this situation sound familiar? If so, chances are you're not really sure who you're trying to reach. This leaves both you and your customers confused. 

Luckily there is one thing you can do that will instantly help you provide more value to your customers and get them interested in your content, which ultimately helps your customer relationships grow and build trust. One of the best ways to reach your ideal customers is by defining your ideal customer avatar. However, when I say ideal we're not talking about some dream customer who doesn't exist. We're talking ideal client based on your ideal plus data that backs it up.

You might have a basic customer avatar created already, perhaps it sounds a little something like this:

Our ideal customer uses our product to gain control of their life/business/finances. They want to be better homeowners/entrepreneurs, so our tool is useful for helping them gain control of their organization/systems/income and expenses.

Cool, that's a great start! You've got a general overview of your customer, but it lacks detail and in turn effectiveness. When you apply this to your content the lack of detail translates into a loss of relevance to your consumer. So how do you fix it? In order to reach and engage your ideal customer, you need to know exactly who you're speaking to, how your service helps them solve their problems and illustrate that for them. Educating your customer on your business is like selling a house, they can see that it looks pretty good and could be the right fit, but you need to show them what life is like once they live there. How it will address their concerns, how their life will improve and how you have helped them achieve their goals.

So now that you know why you need to refine your customer avatar, what tangible steps can you take to put it together? By answering the questions below you can get clear on your ideal client and start giving them the information they're looking for.

How to create your ideal client avatar:

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Budget

  • Industry/Business Type(s)?

  • What services do they need?

  • Related Brands/businesses?

  • What do they value/desire?

  • What are their pain points/what frustrates them?

  • What do you offer that helps them solve their problems?

  • What do they need to know in order to work with you?

  • How does success look like to them and how do they measure that?

  • How involved are they in the process?

  • How do they communicate?

You might be thinking that if you're only speaking to this one type of customer you'll be serving a smaller audience which sounds counter intuitive to growing a business. However, by getting clear on your message you'll be able to create content and offers that your customers truly want and are excited about. Plus you won't have to work so hard to reach a broad and unengaged audience.

Where to Get your Information


Perhaps you already know you need to create a customer avatar but you haven't got around to it because you just don't know where to find the information to answer these specific questions. I mean it's not like your customers will just tell you the answers, right? Actually, there's a good chance they will. The best ways to learn about your customers is to straight up ask them. I've listed three great ways to conduct customer research below.

Conduct Client Interviews

Over the phone or in-person are both great options. Ask your customers what they've tried before, what was the most powerful part of working with you and what problems you helped them solve. Asking questions like these and having real conversations gives you the opportunity to gather some incredibly rich data and craft perfect offers for your future customers.

Send Out a Survey to your Existing Customers and Subscribers

This is a great way to use that email list you've been building, so long as it's not the only way you use it. With a short and to the point email, follow up with your customers every 6 months or so with a survey to find out what they need from you or what would provide value to them. Just make sure to keep your survey concise and focus on open-ended questions. Need help building your survey? Typeform is a great free option.

Find Them Online

Even if you can't speak directly to your customers there's a very good chance your ideal customer is hanging out online and talking about their problems. Consider online forums, Facebook groups, and other gathering areas online where your ideal client might be hanging out. Then compile your research into categories like goals, desires, core problems and their hesitations around buying.

Have you already built a customer avatar but still find you're struggling to connect with your customers or audience? Let's set up a discovery call and find a solution to your content marketing woes.