Signs it's Time to Update Your Website Immediately

Your Website Isn’t Secure

This is a big one. Especially if you have customer accounts, login information or even just to maintain consumer trust. If your website is hacked and client information is compromised or your information is compromised this can create a massive lack of trust that harms your business. Review the framework and platform for your site to ensure the security certificates are up to date and everything is compliant with new regulations.  

Your Content is Out of Date

Your website isn’t serving you or your customers. Out of date content makes visitors question whether you’re still in business rather than looking to you as an authority, especially if the content in question is your contact info! Making sure all your content is up to date and keeping your blog content fresh will bring more traffic to your site and keep visitors coming back.

Your Website Looks Dated

I’m not saying you have to be up to the second with the latest graphic trends in web design but a clearly outdated design at best will be off-putting and at worst be annoying. While trends come and go some styles are dead and gone - flash (it’s no longer supported by most mobile devices and lowers your search ranking), things that blink on and off, splash pages. A good general rule of thumb is to update your site every two to four years, keeping your design, navigation and content fresh and up to date.

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Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Some businesses think this isn’t that big of a deal and that it certainly isn’t a reason to rush into updating their website but with 57% of all U.S. website traffic alone coming from smartphones and tablets this is one of those changes that should be considered mandatory. Mobile usage surpassed desktop browsing in 2015, not to mention Google’s ranking system evaluates whether or not your website is mobile friendly.

Your SEO is Struggling

I’m not suggesting you have to become an SEO master and rank number one on Google but if you’re not even registering on search engines or ranking for relevant keywords it’s probably time to reconsider your strategy and update your website. If you don’t have a blog yet, this is the perfect time to add one and update it regularly with content that drives traffic.

Your Website is Impossible to Navigate

Customer experience plays a big role in purchasing habits these days and website user experience is a part of the overall customer experience. If people struggle to find what they’re looking for, are constantly coming across broken links or are just straight up overwhelmed while visiting your site it’s time to get things streamlined and reevaluate what information is the most relevant for your audience.

Your Website Isn’t Doing It’s Job

A quick look at your analytics can give you all the information you need on whether it’s time to update or not. People aren’t visiting your site, or they are but they don’t stick around, and forget about contacting you or making a purchase. If your website isn’t converting at all, what is the point in even paying for hosting? It’s not doing its job.

You Can’t Manage Your Content

You’re looking over your website for the things mentioned in this blog, you notice overall it’s doing pretty well but there are a few spelling errors and a few small changes you could fix yourself, but you can’t. Whether it’s because you don’t know how to code, you don't have access or the person who does update your website costs $100 an hour. It’s time to update.

With all the platforms available today there’s no reason you shouldn’t have the ability to change small things without having to worry about whether or not you’ll blow up the whole website or incur a $500 bill.

Platforms like Squarespace are secure, provide a user-friendly experience and make updating content a breeze.

If you’re ready to get your website redesigned and up and running in two weeks flat using Squarespace I can help.